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Whether it is large-scale industrial automation or a less complicated home automation application, the Edge Gateway device is the vital element of all Industrial IoT implementations. Edge (KIOE) earlier known as SyncConnect Industrial gateway is used as industrial gateway software that has the capability to connect with most of the industrial control system software and devices. KIOE industrial IoT gateway is specifically designed to simplify device cloud connection and accelerate industrial IoT development. It is particularly used in smart automation applications, process and manufacturing industries, mining industries, and building automation applications that need to collect and transfer data in huge numbers of end devices. The software comes with pre-licensed modules suitable to use as data logger and industrial gateway for all types of industrial data collection and edge analytics.

Why KIOE Industrial Gateway?

Industrial Gateways are specifically tuned to connect devices and resources in the local network environment with remote assets placed on a different network or in the cloud. Harnessing diverse network protocols built in the software, KIOE can link industrial systems with any IoT platform or on-premise monitoring systems, along with data collection.

KIOE Industrial Gateway software is available in various packaging options such as Debian, RPM and docker to suit a wide range of edge device platforms. It is validated on recognized industrial edge devices and gateway hardware. Independency on the number of peripherals (ethernet/ serial ports) makes it flexible to use in various applications. KIOE Industrial IoT Gateway makes it possible to read data easily and reliably from devices and transfers them to different cloud platforms like Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core, Google cloud, and other private cloud using MQTT protocol interface. Along with device management service available as an optional component, you can perform remote management of the gateway securely.

Protocols Licensable

Master/client protocols – OPC UA, Ethernet IP, BacNet, Ethercat, Profinet, MQTT, DNP3.0 serial & TCP, Modbus serial & TCP, DLMS-COSEM serial & TCP, OPC DA, OPC HDA & OPC AE, SNMP

Slave / server protocols – OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus serial & TCP, DNP3.0 serial & TCP, DLMS serial & TCP

Cloud Connectivity: Proven interoperability with Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core, and Google, and other private cloud platforms assist you in sharing data with any cloud platforms and explore cloud-based advanced analytics utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models.

KIOE Industrial IoT gateway is equipped with a multi-protocol engine allowing you to connect with any devices used in the industry. All the information gathered together is shared to the edge database where you can do the data analytics. With the KIOE Industrial Gateway, even existing plants can be effortlessly connected to a cloud platform for advanced visualization and analytics. Inbuilt logic and arithmetic operation functions and licensed IEC61131 PLC logic engine can be used for building decision logics same as what PLC does in the legacy system. KIOE can be also be used for the remote device access solution of Tunneling support in the gateway can be used for securely connecting any devices from remote for reconfiguration, re-engineering, diagnostics, and troubleshooting of end devices.

Features Of KIOE Industrial Gateway

  • Supports standard industrial network protocols such as OPC UA, Ethernet IP, BacNet, Ethercat, Profinet, MQTT, DNP3.0 serial &  TCP, Modbus   serial & TCP, DLMS-COSEM serial TCP, OPC DA, OPC HDA & OPC AE, SNMP
  • Allows to consolidate data from different systems in a single platform
  • Aggregates data from a multitude of sensors, edge devices, and other systems, performing protocol translation and device management models
  • Provide higher-level control functions at the edge, relieving the load on central management systems
  • Ability to store data during northbound link failure to ensure that no data is missed at the external system when the link is restored
  • Involves portable and adaptable IoT software code that is compatible with a wide range of hardware platforms
  • Supports both horizontal and vertical scalability to satisfy the dynamic business needs
  • Enables the use of varied means of data transmission & media
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