skip to Main Content Edge (KIOE) earlier known as SyncConnect Protocol Gateway is a general-purpose protocol gateway software employed for various applications including data acquisition, remote device access, remote device management, asset monitoring for Industry, smart grid, and smart cities. A protocol gateway converts one protocol to another facilitating communication between devices or systems easily. KIOE protocol gateway is specifically designed with pre-licensed modules tailormade to work as a data concentrator and protocol gateway. The multi-protocol converter engine is the software module that performs a range of protocol conversions helps in collecting data from varied devices and share these data with one or more data centers simultaneously. The add-on features of this software include device redundancy and communication redundancy make the solution highly reliable and convenient for mission-critical applications. The software automatically sets to start at the device startup following power restoration which is required for unmanned applications.

Kalki protocol gateway software is available in different packaging options such as Debian, RPM, and docker which suit an extensive range of edge device gateway platforms. Also, the software is validated on the recognized industrial gateway, modems, and router hardware that has been proven for various applications. There is no dependency on the number of peripherals (ethernet/ serial ports) which can be used by the application. MQTT publisher and subscriber module help system integrators to use gateway pack to share data from the field to IoT platforms by acting as a field MQTT Gateway.  This  feature also helps in using KIOE as MQTT gateway to subscribe data from IoT sensors/ nodes deployed in the field and share it with legacy software applications such as SCADA system.

Protocols Licensable

Master / client / Subscriber protocols IEC 61850, DNP3.0, IEC60870-5-104, IEC 101, IEC 103*, Modbus, DLMS-COSEM, SNMP, IEEE2030.5, OCPP*, Ethernet IP, BacNet, Sunspec Modbus, Ethercat*, Profinet*, OPC UA, MQTT

Slave / server / Publisher protocols Modbus, IEC 61850, DNP3.0, DLMS, IEC60870-5-104, IEC 101, IEC 103*, MQTT

Cloud Connectivity: With proven interoperability with Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, IBM, and other Industrial IoT platforms and Generic MQTT gateway function help the software in sharing data with the cloud platforms and explore centralized analytics using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models.

Inbuilt SNMP Manager of the protocol gateway pack can be applied to connect with networking equipment and assets such as routers, switches, and other gateways and collect diagnostics data. Instead of waiting for someone to notify that something is wrong and find the person accountable for fixing the problem, SNMP allows you to monitor your network constantly. SNTP service in the software enables synchronizing the gateway time from an external clock or synchronizing external devices time from the gateway clock. For building decision logics at the edge gateway itself, users can employ the inbuilt logic and arithmetic operation functions and licensed IEC61131 PLC logic engine. Tunneling support in the gateway enables securely connect any devices from remote for diagnostics, reengineering, reconfiguration, and troubleshooting.

KIOE as MQTT Gateway

Many organizations would need to store raw data from the field operational devices in centralized repositories in an as-is format known as ‘Data Lakes’, The OT data are exposed on various standard protocols based on IEC/ IEEE or legacy protocols like Modbus RTU/TCP and other proprietary protocols. Data lake technologies would be hosted on the cloud or on-premise servers and can be interfaced only using specific IoT protocols such as MQTT.

MQTT is a messaging is the IoT protocol used to connect field devices and sensors to the IT network. MQTT works according to the principle of publisher/subscriber model and functions by a central broker, which indicates that the sender or recipient doesn’t have any direct connection. However, the data sources report the information via a publisher and all recipients interested in specific messages collect the data as they are registered as subscribers.

KIOE can act as an MQTT gateway between your OT network and IT network. SyncConnect in MQTT gateway mode also provides flexibility to model the data as required for the storage or analysis required for business intelligence.  The MQTT gateway can send the data collected to the central data center or IoT platform and secure the field equipment and sensors within the OT facility. The MQTT gateway can be integrated with more protocols depending on the requirements. Field devices can also be integrated flawlessly with the cloud-based IoT platforms using the MQTT gateway. 

Protocol Gateway Features

  • The diagnosis and troubleshooting tools of KIOE protocol gateway enable users to quickly install industrial devices and support them with problem-solving.
  • Inbuilt diagnostic tools help to confirm connection and communication status.
  • In case of incorrect device status or data, the centralized data monitoring and analysis tool help to capture and analyse data transmitted from the device to figure out the issue.
  • Rapid conversion of data between various protocols gives runtime protocol information make it suitable for mission-critical applications.
  • Equips protocol traffic monitoring mechanisms to immediately capture and vividly present protocol data.
  • End users can guarantee the efficiency and accuracy of peer-to-peer industrial devices and identify problems when they occur.
  • Centralized role-based device management support using
  • Flexible to support custom data Model for MQTT JSON modeling tool
  • MQTT publisher and subscriber support help in using the software as MQTT Gateway as well
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