skip to Main Content Edge (KIOE) earlier known as SyncConnect is a software gateway used for utility automation applications. KIOE Utility gateway is specifically built and pre-licensed with specific protocol connectors required to connect with devices used in substation automation. These pre-packed licenses allow it to be used in transmission and distribution substation automation, grid metering, and generation monitoring applications. KIOE Utility gateway can be used as substation data concentrator as well as substation gateway. Because of the application criticality, this package comes with software features such as device redundancy and communication redundancy, which make the solution highly reliable and available. It can be used for niche applications including substation to control center gateway, disturbance data recording, phasor data concentration, inter control center gateway using ICCP protocol, grid meter data concentrator, demand response controller, and smart grid controller.

Substation Gateway is available in different packaging options such as Debian, RPM, and docker to suit a wide range of edge device platforms. The software is validated on recognized industrial hardware certified to be used for substation rugged environments.

Application Areas

● Substation Data concentrator
● Realtime Substation Gateway
● Grid Metering Concentrator
● Phasor data concentrator
● Inter control center gateway
● Fault/ disturbance file collector
● Smart grid controller

Benefits of Substation Gateway

Kalki Substation gateways are the access points to the substation network, which provides a layer of security protection, and ensure the confidentiality and integrity for engineering access and data collected from field devices using various protocols with real-time access to key operations. They are highly capable of defending against intrusions, denial of service attacks etc while identifying cybersecurity incidents and anomalies. Kalki Substation Gateway through its secure and controlled interface provides connectivity to a vast range of substation data including remote device access, automatic retrieval and storage of error files, remote view of device settings, and subsequent revision to substation settings. The gateway supports NERC CIP compliance providing invaluable data for planning, management, maintenance, and response via secure remote access. KIOE utility gateway can not only complete information transmission, data synthesis, equipment monitoring, and management functions between multiple devices, smart meters, etc. but can also reduce production costs and improve labor efficiency with its strong protocols, customized development, stable running, which are suitable for large-scale, high demand integrated automation systems.

Key Features

● Remote monitoring and management using
● A multi-protocol gateway to interface with SCADA level
● Proven sturdy interoperability with thousands of devices used in the solution for electrical substation
● Various options to synchronize the time of the gateway with end devices
● Simplify operations through consolidation of functions
● Optimize cybersecurity management facilitating modular updates
● Remote secure access to substation data and settings
● Transparent tunneling for remote management of field devices
● Configurable alarms and events for security-related occurrences
● Automated retrieval & storage of fault file
● Secure authentication & encryption to meet the to NERC CIP requirements
● Central password control and synchronization

Protocols Licensed

Master / client protocols – IEC 61850, DNP3.0 serial & TCP, IEC60870-5-104, IEC 101, IEC 103*, Modbus serial & TCP, DLMS serial & TCP, SNMP, MQTT, OPC UA

Slave / server protocols – IEC 61850, DNP3.0 serial & TCP, IEC60870-5-104, IEC 101, IEC 103*, Modbus serial & TCP, DLMS serial & TCP, MQTT, OPC UA

As a licensable option, substation pack can support proprietary protocol connectors or interfaces such as RTK, ABB SPA COM, and RP570, Areva Courier, Schweitzer engineering Labs SEL fast messaging protocol, Procome, SEPAM, Excom, Mauell etc to collect data from legacy devices

Cloud connectivity –, Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core and with other private and public cloud platforms using MQTT & OPC UA

Inbuilt SNMP Manager can be used to connect with networking equipment and assets such as switches, routers, and other gateways, and collect diagnostics data. SNTP service is also facilitated in the KIOE is used to synchronize the gateway time with an external clock or to synchronize external devices’ time with the gateway clock. Inbuilt logic and arithmetic operation functions and licensed IEC61131 PLC logic engine can be used for building decision logic at the edge gateway itself. Tunneling support in the gateway can be used for securely connecting any devices from remote for reconfiguration, re-engineering, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. IEC62351 -3 and -5 security is built-in for the telemetry protocols available in the packages.

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